Meeting our commitments

Last update 20130114

The challenges we face

To meet the increasing demand, the number of passenger airliners in operation worldwide is set to more than double over the next two decades, from 16,124 in 2003 to 34,764 by 2023. Some 17,000 pilots will be needed each year during this period to cover the worldwide expansion in civil aviation ( Paul Hinton, Alteon / Boeing senior executive, presentation at WATS 2006 in Orlando, Florida; Capt. Michael Varney, FAST Magazine 41, Airbus Customer Services Communication, December 2007, p. 20 ). This means that the number of pilots with CPL and ATPL licenses worldwide will rise from 267,000 in 2003 to approximately 711,000 by 2023.

This poses an enormous challenge for the entire aviation industry – a challenge which, as a solution provider for airlines and a partner for pilots, we intend to meet by focusing on our core competencies. We are happy to leave what we can’t do up to others.

We make good on our commitments!


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